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Car Prep - Harnesses

Harnesses for motorsport go through the toughest of tests to pass the strict FIA standards. Our 6 point fixation option delivers the best protection. Manufactured to the latest FIA standard, which gives them a 10-year life for Motorsport UK events, We have standard 3-inch width but also a narrow 2 inch HANS version for use when using an FHR or HANS device. Three colour options and at a price that is not matched anywhere in the UK
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A race and rally harness is a seatbelt designed for motorsport that are available in different fixation options - 4, 5 and 6 point, and offer far better protection than seatbelts in a standard road car. Official motorsport harness are manufactured to FIA approved 8853-2016 standards to be eligible for use in racing and rallying.
The various number of points with harnesses relates to the fixation points in the car and the amount of straps holding the person very securely in the seat with. All leading cars use 6 point harnesses for the best safety protection and comfort.
Racing harnesses have a life span of 5 years on FIA sanctioned events for the latest FIA 8853-2016 standard. For UK national motorsport this same standard has a 10 year life span based on the year of manufacture as marked on the harness labels.