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Motorsport Car Preparation

The first stage of competitive motorsport is the preparation of a car. The level of preparation varies depending on the form of motorsport you are racing or rallying. Motorsport car preparation is a specialist craft, but some modifications can be done by most garage engineers and mechanics.

Preparation essentials include Steering Wheels, Race Seats, Harnesses and Lighting

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What equipment is needed to build a rally car for MSUK rules?

All rally cars competing in the UK need proper racing seats, 6 point harnesses, an approved rollcage, a fire extinguisher system and an ignition cut-off switch.

What seats are FIA approved?

All seats that are FIA approved will bear a hologram and sticker showing date of manufacture or expiry. If the seats display this, it is FIA approved.

What should I prepare for track day?

Ensure the car is mechanically OK, that you know your way to the circuit so you can get there in good time to sign on and attend the drivers briefing, have a knowledge of the circuit before your trackday and are prepared mentally for the day.

What should I check on my car before a track day?

Check tyres are set to the correct pressures, and treads are good. Check oils and lubricants are filled to the correct levels and consider taking extra with you to the track if a top-up is needed. Brakes should have plenty of friction material left and suspension and steering should not knock as that indicates a fault. Ensure your car has nothing in it which could come loose or move under heavy turning or braking.

How much does a beginner rally car cost?

To buy a rally-ready car you can generally expect to pay a minimum of £5000 for an entry level front wheel drive car. Alternatively, the cost to buy a cheap hatchback car and build it yourself is generally around the same amount.