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FIA 8856-2018 Racewear Homologation Guide

2019 sees a new FIA homologation being introduced for all racewear, including overalls, underwear, boots and gloves. This has been brought in to increase safety within the cockpit and allows a 20% increase in fire protection above the previous homologation. The 8856-2018 homologation will be the first FIA standard of racewear to feature an expiry date on the label. The lifespan of the garment will be 10 years from date of manufacture for FIA events. We can expect to see the homologation being brought into force in the following championships at the dates below.

From 2019: Mandatory for FIA Formula E

From 1st Jan 2020: Mandatory for F1 and WRC RC1 Crews

From 2020: Mandatory in FIA WEC (2020/21 Season)

From 1st Jan 2021: Mandatory in FIA Formula 2, FIA World RX, FIA Euro RX, FIA Cross Country

From 1st Jan 2029: Mandatory for all FIA sanctioned events

This does mean that current standard homologation racewear will stop being produced by manufacturers in the next few years, and the 1st January 2022 being the first date that ALL FIA homologated clothing has to be sold with the new standard. However for the clubman competitor, the standard will not be brought into force until 2029 and there's no need to worry about buying a set of racewear that will have a short lifespan, at Nicky Grist Motorsports we'll be sure to slowly phase out the existing homologation so any new purchases after 2022 will be 8856-2018.

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