Lazer Lamps Product And Buying Guide

Why Buy Lazer Lamps?

Lazer Lamps are a British company specialising in high performance LED spotlights and lightbars for high-speed competition cars, standard cars, off-road and SUV vehicles, as well as commercial trucks and lorries. With a proven track record at the extremely high speeds achieved in the World Rally Championship, on roads that are far more unfriendly than those we generally encounter.

The WRC requires reliable and extremely high-performance lighting, illumination that is far more critical than that of average road use. So you can rest assured you will have an abundance of light in any situation.

Not to be compared to cheap Chinese imports, Lazer Lamps really are by far superior and a true market leader. Their lights are made in the UK and offer constant high-performance lighting, which will totally transform your nighttime driving, lighting the road ahead to an almost unbelievable level. All their lamps carry a five-year warranty and have an IP67 waterproof rating, to protect the vitally important internal electronics and make them a reliable and long-lasting product.

The large majority of the lamps in the range are E-Marked and certified for road use and are fully tested by the British Standards Institute (E9/11 Certified). What does this mean to you? In mainland Europe, many countries only allow additional lights if they conform to this 'E-Marked' standard. The UK has yet to adopt this requirement, but who is to say that it won't in the future? Buying E-Marked lamps from the outset protects you against any future rule changes. E-marked lamps are also recognised by the FIA for competition use in certain circumstances.

High-performance LED lighting does not add a great strain on your car's electrical system. In fact, Lazer LEDs have far less draw on the car's alternator than that of normal Halogen bulbs, and would not require any special electrical modifications.

The range is quite large from Lazer, all designed for specific motoring sectors, so to help you decide on what is best for you, here is our guide to the main Lazer Lamps products:

Lazer ST/T Evolution Range

Ideal for: Road and SUV vehicles, 4x4 Pick-up trucks and Commercial Vehicles, Rally Car Corner Lamps

Price Range: £125 to £750 ex VAT

Overview: The ST Evolution range of ECE approved high performance driving lights utilises high-quality LEDs and the latest component technologies, combined with advanced electrical design and material solutions. The result is an extremely versatile lamp boasting superior performance and reliability optimised for range and a large spread of light.

A contemporary design ensures the lamps complement and enhance the styling of any vehicle from Car, 4x4 to heavy truck, and everything in between.

At Nicky Grist Motorsports we also recommend these as corner lamps for rally cars, mounted vertically to complement a horizontally mounted main spot and drive lamp kit (see Rally Car Kits).

Key Points:

    • 5-year warranty on all our products.
    • The highest performing headlights on the market using the best components available. Highly efficient LED technology in built.
    • The colour temperature of the LEDs is carefully selected to maximise definition while reducing the strain that can come from higher (blue/white) light temperatures.
    • Road legal and fully tested by the British Standards Institute (E9/11 Certified)
    • Bespoke grille kits and light-bar systems provide stylish vehicle integration
    • IP67/IP69 waterproof to 1m+ submersion
    • Various lamp sizes are available to suit the space on your vehicle for fitment

Lazer ST Models: 

Lazer Linear Range

Ideal For: Road and SUV vehicles, 4x4 Pick-up trucks and commercial trucks.

Price Range: £189 to £675 ex VAT

Overview: A slimline, aerodynamic design, with a real emphasis on high-end styling, the lamps are simple to install, and act to minimise drag, while delivering astonishing levels of illumination. Available in Standard and Elite grades, Linear represents Lazers most cost-effective lighting solutions through the adoption of 3W LEDs, they have been meticulously engineered and tested to optimise lighting performance for everyday road use and specifically the passenger car market. Available in two ranges: Standard – High performance but a lot more cost-effective, Elite models has a dramatic 30% increase in lighting performance.

Key Points:

  • Economical solution for everyday road use
  • Sleek, low profile design facilitates installation
  • ECE approved for on-road use
  • Highly efficient 3W LED technology
  • IP67 watertight
  • 2 models - Standard and Elite, with 7 LED light options - Linear 6, Linear 12, Linear 18, Linear 24, Linear 36, Linear 42, and Linear 48

Triple R Standard Range

Ideal for: Competition use, Road and SUV vehicles, 4x4 Pick-up trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Price Range: £210 to £861 ex VAT

Overview: Developed from the success of Lazers earlier ST range, with improvements for the uncompromising requirements of professional motorsport. The Triple-R range of lights has set a new standard in auxiliary driving lights. The Triple R range has been built with the best up to date components and has an optimised light output for use on both road and off-road applications.

The benefit of these improvements is a range of lights that delivers greatly improved distance illumination and with this a better spread of light in the mid to long-range. All this optimised for everyday road use and the motorsport sector. These lights are truly impressive, and totally transform you’re driving at night.

The competiton range has a casing made in lightweight caron fibre. The ultimate light output in the lightest possible construction.

Key Points:

  • British Made Product
  • Ultra-long range optics
  • High output LED’s a from a world leader in LED technology
  • Electronic thermal management system
  • Comes as standard with 70cm cable, including pre-wired male & female connectors.
  • Supplied mount can be positioned above and below the unit
  • RRR750 Gen come with the option of Day running lights
  • IP67 Watertight and 5 year warranty
  • Available in 2 models - STD = High Power LED, ELITE - 30% Increase in light output and ultra power LED
  • 4 sizes available: RRR 750 = 4 x LED. RRR850 = 10 x LED, RRR 1000 = 8 x LED, RRR 1250 = 12 x LED, 

Lazer Triple R Elite 3 Range

Ideal for: Competition use, Road and SUV vehicles, 4x4 Pick-up trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Price Range: £263 to £800 ex VAT

Overview: While the Elite 3 model looks the same as the standard RRR version, this model has greatly improved performance for the demands of high-speed motorsport light and spread available from any Lazer lamp available. This has the ultimate WRC lighting performance through the lamps E-Boost system. While E-Marked for road use the Elite 3 has an E-Boost system that increases the performance with an extra 30% output, this controlled through a magnetic switch for off-road competition use.

The result is an unrivalled motoring lighting experience, with absolutely no compromises made with regards to the Elite 3’s light performance, and also its reliability. The light distribution has also been optimised using the very latest CAD design and light simulation software. If you want the best, then this lamp is it.

Key Points:

  • Central High intensity LED’s deliver outstanding long-distance visibility
  • An alignment of LEDs on outer reflectors for an excellent left/right spread
  • Modified optics optimised for everyday road use
  • ECE approved through dual output E-Boost technology
  • Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat
  • IP67 Watertight and 5-year warranty
  • 8 sizes available: RRR 750 = 4 x LED. RRR850 = 10 x LED, RRR 1000 = 8 x LED, RRR 1250 = 12 x LED, RRR 16 = 16 x LED, RRR 24 = 24 x LED, RRR 28 = 28 x LED

Triple R Carbon Range

Ideal For: Competition use.

Price Range: £536 to £2,520 ex VAT

Overview: This is Lazer’s ultimate competition light and has been built for one purpose only and that is the ultimate lighting performance and reliability in competition use. With better aerodynamics in smaller bodies and improved airflow, these matched with Carbon fibre bodies making them as light as possible. These lamps have guided the M-Sport World Rally Team to two consecutive WRC Drivers championships.

Key Points:

  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon-fibre housing
  • Available with 'Spot' or 'Drive' optics
  • Compatible with Lazer’s reeded lens to modify the beam pattern
  • CAE optimised heatsink requires minimal airflow to maintain 100% light output
  • Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance
  • Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition
  • 4 sizes available: Carbon 2 = 2 x LED, Carbon 6 = 6 x LED, Carbon 16 = 16 x LED, Carbon 20 = 20 x LED

Lazer Accessories

Lazer not only sell LED lights and lamp bars but sell a plethora of other accessories to aid the fitment and running of your lights. The key accessories you will need to add to the purchase of your lights are as follows:

Wiring Looms

These are available to match one lamp up to four. The wiring looms come with the correct connection plugs for your lamps, together relays, fuses, and either a splice kit for your cars loom, or a separated switch to disable the lamps if needs be.

Grill Fitting Kits

While not a full range of vehicles are available for these kits, the most popular fitments for Lazer Lamps are covered. With specific fitting kits to suit either the ST Evolution or Triple R Range of lights are available for the following vehicles:

Ford - Ranger, Ford Transit and Transit Custom

Volkswagon – Transporter T5 & T6, Amarok, Caddy and Crafter

Land Rover – Defender, Discovery 4 & 5

Toyota – 2017+ Hi-Lux

Scania – R-Series Truck

General Fitting Kits

We also have a wide variety of other fitting options. Other than the standard mounting that comes with each lamps, there are side mounting kits, bonnet mounting brackets for Motorsport use (these available with two-lamp connecting rods), also hardtop mounts and various tube mounts for roll bars. Anti-theft kits are also available.

Other Accessories

To finish off the ultimate lighting setup there are also Neoprene impact lamp covers for all sizes of lamps. Also for the Triple R range, there is a selection of reeded lenses to allow the diffraction of light at specific angles, these to allow a lot more light to shine on the roadsides.

In addition, there are CAN Bus kits to allow fitment of lamps on a car with a controlled electrical system.

All in all, we are the one stop shop for your lighting system. If you want the best, buy Lazer Lamps.