Stilo Helmets - Visor and Visor Accessory Guide

Visor Information Guide

In Motorsport, all competitors driving open top cars, whether that’s entry-level karting, through the ranks of formula racing up to F1, are required to wear a full face helmet with a visor. However, visors are also used in rally and saloon/GT cars by drivers, these available in different configurations which we cover in this guide.

There main use in saloon cars is for use in driving in bright sunlight to stop glare, but also to enhance the look of the helmet which has been painted to a specific colour scheme, looks can be everything in the paddock. But do not forget the safety benefits of a full visor. Deflecting wind, insects and stones in open-top cars is absolutely vital, but in saloon cars, they are used as a safety aid should fire break out in the car, or if a windscreen cracks on impact from an item thrown up off the track. 

Full visors are mainly designed for open car use but can be used on any ST5 full-face shell. Through Stilo technology, and on helmets where weight limits are applied by the FIA like the CMR version for juniors, Stilo has a weight advantage in their helmet and fit only the F1 standard 3mm unit to add safety to the driver.

All Stilo Full face visors have an anti-fog treatment on the inside of the visor. This to stop condensation build up on the inside for cold and wet race days, which is caused by the heat of the breath being expelled. Handle these visors with care and only on the edges, as this anti-fog coating will mark from the oils and dirt on your fingerprints.

Stilo have a full selection of various visors, in various colours and tints, and all have been designed to serve a purpose, and it is because of this wide selection we have produced this guide to help you decide on what you need.

FIA Homologated homologated visors are now required for FIA sanctioned races and championships. In 2016 the FIA added this rule change regarding visors, as it was found that certain colours options shifted the colour spectrum, which made the flags used in racing appear a different colour!! This situation in some cases is a serious issue, which meant that all visors had to go through a specific test as to their validity. The greater majority of Stilo products passed other than a few exceptions. The result of these tests is listed in our guide against each visor.

ST5 Long Visors

The safety benefits of the long visor were explained above, but the range from Stilo is quite extensive and the main features available options are as follows:

  • Stilo Long Visors are made to the FIA 3mm thickness standard
  • All visors have an anti-fog treatment on the inside
  • ST5 Long Visors have a single pivot point and are easy to replace
  • ST5 Long Visors have a central locking pin with two locking positions, one designed to allow a trickle of airflow into the helmet
  • Not all the colour range are FIA homologated, due to light and colour changes (this is covered later)
  • Double glazed visors are available for additional cold race day protection

Colour Options and Uses

Clear Visor
Standard Fitment on all Formula and Kart helmets – No tint – All weather and light – FIA Homologated

Medium Smoke
Medium tint – Low to Medium sun protection – All weather and light – FIA Homologated

Dark Smoke
Dark tint – Medium to High sun protection – Bright and Sunny Days – FIA Homologated

Light Enhancing – Ideal for grey dark days, and in bad weather – NOT FIA Homologated

Yellow Double Glazed
Light Enhancing – Ideal for COLD, grey dark days, and in bad weather – NOT FIA Homologated

Clear Double Glazed
Standard colour – Ideal for COLD, grey dark days, and in bad weather – FIA Homologated

Iridium Coloured Options
With this visor range, an iridium colour coat is placed on the exterior of both medium and a dark smoke visor, this to give a different exterior look with a reflective colour finish.

The Iridium options for the Stilo range are as follows:

Mirror – Medium or Dark Tint – FIA Homologated
Blue Iridium - Medium or Dark Tint – FIA Homologated
Red Iridium - Medium or Dark Tint – FIA Homologated
Yellow Iridium - Medium or Dark Tint – NOT FIA Homologated

ST5 Short Visor

Short visors are only used in saloon cars where the ability to lock the visor in place is not requisite when fully closed the short visor finishes 5mm above the bottom sealing rubber of the opening. This specification and length are not accepted for use in formula cars or karting but are compatible with any Stilo ST5 full face model. The main benefit of the short visor is it is partially closed without encroaching on the driver's peripheral vision. All the short visors are only 2mm in thickness and come without the central locking tabs, this makes them lighter, benefiting the driver as less weight to be carried on your head in high G-Force situations.

Options available are as follows:

Mirror – Dark Tint – FIA Homologated

Blue Iridium - Dark Tint – FIA Homologated

Red Iridium - Dark Tint – FIA Homologated

Yellow Iridium - Dark Tint – NOT FIA Homologated

WRC DES Rally Visor

The WRC DES visor is specific to the WRC Rally helmets, but can also be fitted to the earlier ST4 Full Face model. These visors require a specific kit to allow fitment and give clearance on the peak that is fitted as standard on the WRC helmet. The WRC visor neatly locates underneath the peak when not in use, and can easily be pulled down at the sides for use when required. Unlike racing, for rallying these visors are not required to be FIA homologated.

Mirror –Dark Tint – Bright Sunny Days
Blue Iridium - Dark Tint – Bright Sunny Days
Red Iridium - Dark Tint – Bright Sunny Days
Amber – Light Enhancing – Dark Grey Days, Bad Weather and fantastic for snow rallies as it defines snow banks against a totally white background.

Other Information

Visor Care

As mentioned earlier the inside of a Stilo Visor is treated with an anti-fog coating and this makes it imperative that you do not touch the inside with your fingers in order to avoid leaving a permanent mark in the soft invisible layer. To clean this should a dust layer build is very specific: Remove the visor from the helmet, hold firmly at the edges and spray brake cleaner to blast off any particles. Once this operation is completed leave to dry naturally, DO NOT wipe with a cloth or paper as particles will be left on the anti-fog treatment.

To clean the exterior firstly wash off any dust or residue under the tap with water. Then use Stilo’s own visor cleaner – YA0640. Spray this onto the exterior and wipe off with a soft paper or lint-free cloth in order to protect the finish and functionality of your visor. An alternative, should you not have YA0640 is a non-abrasive slightly soapy liquid.

When cleaning Iridium coated visors great care should be taken to not scratch the outer surface, as this will leave marks in the visor and affect vision.

Central Visor Locking Pin

Stilo ST5 helmets feature a unique two position central locking pin. This double pin is standard on all ST5 F, FN, CMR and KRT helmets. Part number YA0818 is the locking pin kit and is available should you wish to upgrade a GT or Rally helmet to a long visor. All ST5 long visors have the female locking tab fitted to them as standard and are not available separately.

The benefit of this double position pin is the ability to have the visor completely sealed during normal use in the second position, or in damp, wet or hot conditions the first position leaves a small gap to allow a restricted air to flow up under the visor, while still being retained and not risking a ‘flip-up’ at speed. Operating a car with an open visor in open-top race cars is banned in motorsport. 

Visor Fitting Screws

Both metal and plastic fittings are allowed under FIA regulations, but metal is a far more reliable and stronger material to construct moving parts out of. Stilo’s manufacture their ST5 helmets visor screws of lightweight aluminium.

As Standard, all Stilo ST5 Helmets are fitted with solver screw kits. However, a colour range is available as an optional extra. These are available in Gold, Red and Blue and add a certain amount of individual customisation and bling to your helmet.

Zylon Protection strip or ABP

In 2009 at Hungarian Grand Prix, Felipe Massa was following Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn when a 700gm section of spring became dislodged and hit the Brazilian driver’s head just above the left eye while travelling at 175 mph on the fastest section of the course. Luckily Massa was flown to a hospital and escaped serious harm other than a fractured skull. 

While the FIA 8860 standards for F1 are the toughest standard available, this incident highlighted, let’s say a ‘less strong’ area of a helmet on the very edge of the visor opening of the shell. This incident led to the introduction of the Zylon Protection Strip, mounted onto the visor and covering this whole exposed area. Zylon is a bulletproof material and is exceptionally strong!

This item is available for purchase should you wish to have the safest of visors, and is required to be ordered with the visor of choice and build by Stilo in Italy. Please call us for more specific details on this item as different shell sizes need different sized strips.

However things are going to change in F1, and as of 2019, a new helmet standard has been released: FIA 8860-2018-ABP. ABP stands for Advanced Ballistic Protection and without going into too much detail, eradicates the need for the Zylon strip fitted to the visor as this is now built into the helmet shell itself. 


Tear-offs can be only applied to full visors only as they are the only visors that have the tear-off fitting built onto them. Mainly used on open top racing where dirt or debris is likely to build upon a visor, and you simply remove a strip to get a clear vision. Stilo ST5 Tear Offs (YA0820) comes with four in a pack all pre-stacked with three individual strips for ease of use at the race track. 

It’s important to make sure a visor is extremely clean and dust free when fitting a tear off to avoid contaminants getting stuck between them and the lens and obstructing your view. A handy tool for the fitment of tear off and visors is their Visor Tool – YY0028