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Stilo ST5 Rear Spoiler
Stilo ST5 Rear Spoiler
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Adult and junior karting helmets need to meet the FIA CMR standard. This kart-specific standard differs from motorsport homologation as karting helmets do not need the same fire-resistant properties.

CMR karting helmets, especially those from the market leader, Stilo are built lighter than motorsport helmets. Less helmet weight on a kart means less strain on the neck and ultimately, better race performance.

CMR helmets are a requirement for all go-karting race events. Market-leading brand, Stilo makes no compromise with junior drivers in the same way they make no compromise with their F1 standard helmets.

There is a range of karting helmet accessories available, that can be used to customise your livery to match your karting race overalls.

About Karting Helmets

Karting helmets are designed to provide maximum protection for the head and face, while also allowing for maximum visibility and comfort. One of the leading brands in the karting helmet market is Stilo.

Stilo is an Italian company that has been manufacturing high-quality racing helmets for over 30 years. Their karting helmets are specifically designed to meet the needs of kart racers and are made with the latest technology and materials to ensure maximum safety and performance.

One of the key features of Stilo karting helmets is their lightweight construction. These helmets are made with advanced composites and fibres that are specifically chosen for their strength and lightness. This makes them much easier to wear for extended periods of time, which is important for racers who may be competing in multiple races over a single weekend.

Another key feature of Stilo karting helmets is their aerodynamic design. They also feature large visors that provide maximum visibility and allow the racers to see the track clearly at all times.

In addition to their advanced design and construction, Stilo karting helmets also meet or exceed all relevant safety standards. They are certified to the latest FIA CMR standard and are tested to ensure that they can withstand the impact of a crash. This means that racers can trust that their Stilo helmet will provide the protection they need in the event of an accident.

Stilo also offers a wide range of different karting helmets to choose from. They have models for both juniors and seniors, and different designs and colors to suit different preferences. This way, racers can choose a helmet that not only provides the protection they need but also suits their personal style.

Lastly, Stilo also offers a variety of accessories for their karting helmets, such as visors, tear-offs, and helmet bags, allowing the racers to customize their helmets to their needs.

In conclusion, Stilo is a leading brand in the karting helmet market known for their high-quality, advanced designs and construction. Their helmets are lightweight, aerodynamic, and meet or exceed all relevant safety standards. They also offer a wide range of different models and accessories to choose from, making them an excellent choice for anyone participating in karting.

What helmet do I need for junior karting?

For drivers under 15 a lighter weight, CMR homologated helmet will be required for most karting series’. The Stilo CMR is one of the lightest and best on the market.

Can I use a motorcycle helmet for karting?

All sanctioned karting events require CMR homologated helmets so a motorcycle helmet will not be accepted for race use.