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Fireproof Racing Underwear

For most motorsport race series' Fireproof Racing Underwear is a requirement, although you won't need it at some national-level competitions.

Obviously, this adds to the level of resistance your attire has to the impact of bare flames, but being close to the skin, racing underwear also needs to help a driver perform while in the car. 

Good motorsport racing underwear will assist in the wicking of sweat, while some will help to control the heat by transferring it away from the body. 

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About Fireproof Racing Underwear

When it comes to motorsport racing, every piece of gear plays a crucial role in protecting drivers and helping them perform at their best. While the overall safety of the race suit is important, the underwear worn underneath is just as important.

Motorsport fireproof underwear is specifically designed to provide additional protection against fire and resistance to extreme temperatures. These undergarments are made from advanced fire-retardant materials such as Nomex, that help to prevent burns in the event of an accident. They also help to wick away moisture, keeping the driver cool and dry even in hot conditions.

Brands such as P1 and Walero are known in the motorsport industry for producing top-quality fireproof underwear.

P1 underwear is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort while racing. They feature a soft, lightweight, and breathable construction, along with advanced moisture-wicking properties to keep the driver cool and dry, even in the most challenging conditions. P1 underwear also offers excellent thermal insulation to keep the driver warm in cold weather.

Walero, on the other hand, provides high-performance motorsport fireproof underwear that is designed to provide maximum protection, comfort and flexibility. The underwear is made from advanced fire-retardant fabrics and features an advanced ventilation system to keep the driver cool and dry in hot conditions. Additionally, their underwear uses a unique fabric blend that offers added stretch and flexibility, allowing the driver to have a full range of motion during races.

When choosing motorsport fireproof underwear, it's important to make sure that the product is certified to meet the latest safety standards. Additionally, you'll want to look for features like ventilation, moisture-wicking fabrics and pre-curved design to ensure that you stay comfortable during long periods of time. It is also important to choose the right fit for your size to ensure comfort and safety during races.

In addition to offering top-quality products, we also understand the importance of customer service when it comes to purchasing motorsport equipment. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you might have and help you choose the right underwear for your needs. So if you're looking for the best in motorsport fireproof underwear, look no further than our website. With our high-quality selection, expert advice, and exceptional customer service, we're the go-to destination for all of your motorsport racing needs.

What does fireproof underwear do?

FIA approved fireproof underwear for racing, adds another layer of protection from fire underneath the racing suit. This can equate to an additional 5-6 seconds of heat and fire proof in the event of contact with fire in the car. This is on top of the 10-15 seconds the fireproof race suit will offer.

What are fireproof undergarments made of?

Our P1 underwear is all made of either Nomex, aramid or a modacrylic fiber which is resistant to fire and heat.

How do I know what racing underwear to choose?

All of our garments will be similar in sizing to clothing you would buy, ie small, medium, large. However it is essential that it is a snug fit but this material does stretch to a certain extent, but make sure that ankles and wrists are covered.

Does P1 FIA underwear fit ladies?

P1 underwear is a comfortable, unisex fit and is designed to fit most figures.