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Motorsport Racewear

Fireproof racewear is essential in almost all forms of motorsport. Choosing the right racewear with a comfortable fit will aid comfort and ensure safety while in a car. 

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Racewear is essential in all forms of motorsport and is subject to strict regulations known as homologation.

The International Motorsport Governing body, known as the FIA requires most racewear, in most forms of motorsport is constructed to be fireproof. 

But racewear also needs to function as a comfortable and performance-sustaining enhancement to the driver (and co-driver). 

Prolonged physical performance, like in any sport requires clothing to move with the driver while transferring heat from the body, so your choice of racewear is critical to race performance. 

About Motorsport Racewear

Motorsport racewear is specialised clothing worn by drivers, crew members, and other professionals working in the motorsport industry. It is designed to protect the wearer from the hazards of the track, including fire, heat, and debris, and to provide a comfortable and functional fit for the demands of the job.

There are several types of motorsport racewear, including fire-resistant suits, gloves, shoes, and undergarments. These items are typically made from materials such as Nomex, a synthetic fibre that is flame-resistant and capable of withstanding high temperatures. Nomex is commonly used in the construction of racing suits, which are worn by drivers to protect them in the event of a fire or other emergency. The suits are usually one or two pieces and are designed to fit snugly to the body, with reinforced areas at the knees, elbows, and other high-stress areas.

In addition to fire-resistant suits, motorsport racewear also includes gloves, shoes, and undergarments made from similar materials. These items are designed to protect the wearer from heat and fire, as well as providing a comfortable and functional fit. Gloves are typically made from Nomex or other flame-resistant materials and are designed to protect the hands and wrists from the heat of the steering wheel and other track-side hazards. Shoes are also made from flame-resistant materials and feature reinforced toes and heels to protect the feet from debris on the track.

Undergarments, such as underwear and socks, are typically made from moisture-wicking materials to help keep the wearer cool and dry during the race.

Motorsport racewear is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working in the motorsport industry. It is designed to protect the wearer from the hazards of the track and provide a comfortable and functional fit for the demands of the job. Whether you are a driver, crew member, investing in high-quality motorsport racewear is essential to ensure your safety and comfort on the track.

What is the lightest suit available?

At Nicky Grist we have the P1 PRO-R suit which can be customised with your logos and made to measure to your exact size. This is made of a Nomex material which P1 have developed to weigh just 315gsm (grams per square metre).

What racewear do F1 drivers wear?

F1 drivers wear the lightest possible, made-to-measure racing suits. P1 Racewear have supplied Formula One drivers with overalls, including Sauber F1 Team drivers.

Do I need a fireproof suit for rallying?

In UK rallying, an FIA approved racing suit is a minimum requirement, we also recommend FIA boots, underwear and gloves for MSUK rally.