Stilo will launch four new helmets on the Nicky Grist Motorsports stand at the Autosport International Show this week, with the public launch of the ST5 GT, F, FN and Rally.

All are make to the very highest FIA 8860 standard and are more cost effective than the Zero range – the originally FIA 8860 standard helmet.

The Stilo ST5 8860 GT and 8860 FN helmets are packed full of technology, designed to give even better protection to the user. The helmet absorbs 50% more impact energy and has improved load spreading during side impact accidents. It also resists 30% more penetration energy and in turn 30% more protection against injuries caused by excessive rotational accelerations, making the 8860-2010 standard the toughest and highest on the market.


The Stilo ST5 F Zero 8860 carbon is 99.9% new in comparison with the older ST4 model, and has the narrowest and smallest shell in its class. That makes it ideal for the confined WEC and GT cockpits, while its exceptional aerodynamic qualities make it a must-have open cockpit helmet too. In a first for Stilo, the ST5 small shell now fits a person with a larger size head – something all helmet manufacturers have been trying to design. Weighing in at just 1.15kg, the helmet has passed the tough FIA 8860-2010 standard well within the required tolerance, and is also homologated to Snell SA2015 safety tests. Try it for yourself at the NEC this week!

And what can we say about the Stilo ST5 8860 Rally? Well, it’s the helmet of choice for Sebastien Loeb – you can’t get a better recommendation than that! Also packed with technology, the ST5 8860 Rally meets F1 requirements and is homologated to the highest FIA standard 8860-2010. With the small shell weighing just 1.5kgs (and the large shell weighing only 1.58kg), it is exceptionally strong and light and one of very few helmets available commercially to this very high safety standard.

These four Stilo ST5 helmets (and many more) will be available for you to try on at the Nicky Grist Motorsports stand (6470) at the NEC this week. You can even book your appointment to both try on these helmets with the Nicky Grist Motorsports team – or with the Stilo Racing Service team – in advance by emailing us at [email protected]. The Italian Stilo Racing Service team is in attendance all day Thursday and Friday and on Saturday morning, while the Nicky Grist Motorsports team is there for all four days. And you can buy on the day and take it away!

The Autosport International Show takes place this Thursday-Sunday (11-14 January) at the NEC in Birmingham.