James McGuire

Sportscar racing is not just a great mix of technology, with P1 and P2 prototypes and GT cars all out on track together, it also combines driving experience and talent in the form of Gold, Silver and Bronze drivers, with professionals, Pro-Ams and gentleman drivers all racing against each other.

The Michelin Le Mans Cup in particular welcomes gentleman drivers, giving them the opportunities to race and develop more than most – to the point where it’s only these Bronze classified drivers who are allowed to take part in qualifying – increases their driving time and their responsibility to the team, as it will be their performance only that determines the starting position on race day.

Thanks to the Road To Le Mans event they also have the opportunity to race in front of thousands of spectators on the full 14 kilometre La Sarthe circuit just before the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is a privilege not given to every driver.

One gentleman driver loving every apex is James McGuire, the driver of the #22 United Autosports Ligier JS P3 – who wears a Stilo ST5 F.

“My first year in MLMC was my first experience in Europe and was beyond extraordinary at every level,” says McGuire. “The iconic circuits, the Ligier JS P3, United Autosports, the organisers, the competitors, wow! Everything was outstanding. This is the best series in the world for the serious gent who wants to get better.

“Being able to start and sometimes finish races against proper Silver and Gold drivers is an exceptional experience. To see what real skill level really is amazing, quite humbling, but a joy to see what is possible. The Michelin Le Mans Cup is by far the finest racing series for the serious gentlemen driver who wants to improve their skill and learn race-craft from fantastic pros at fantastic circuits.

“I’m working really really hard to be back with United Autosports for 2018! The MLMC is a great series and definitely where I want to continue racing.”