Having finished fifth in the FIA Junior World Rally Championship category on the Tour of Corsica co-driving for Tom Williams, you’d expect Phil Hall to put his feet up and have a well earned rest for a couple of days. But instead, the 30-year old RAF Reservist is today travelling to Mount Everest, where he’ll spend two weeks at Base Camp!

Phil is making the trip to the Himalayas to support a long time mountaineering friend in his expedition to the peak. He won’t make an attempt at the summit himself, but Phil will make the long trek to the Nepalese Base Camp, which itself is over 5,000 metres above sea level.

“Extreme adventure is a passion of mine and this is a huge opportunity for me,” says Phil.

“It will also further my fitness training which I am always keen to enhance and having some high-altitude training is a rare opportunity. It’s certainly an exciting chance to further my mountain experience and maybe one day I can come back and make an attempt on the summit of the world myself.”

The only British crew in the JWRC has made a fantastic start to the season – finishing fourth in Sweden and fifth in Corsica to hold a very strong sixth in the series (an extra point is awarded for each fastest stage time if you’re wondering). With their two events which they have the least amount of experience out of the way, the remaining three rounds are on their favourite gravel surface – including the double-points scoring Wales Rally GB.

Phil Hall wears a STILO WRC DES CARBON PIUMA helmet and SIMPSON SPORT HYBRID FHR supplied by Nicky Grist Motorsports.