As a rally driver, Nicky is used to life in the fast lane… Although speed is welcomed on the racetrack, it’s an increasing risk burdening Britain’s streets.

Schools have always been an area with reduced speeds, but with more and more people ignoring the limits, groups like GoSafe are crucial for making the streets of Wales safer for children.

Commencing on Monday 13 June, for a two week period, Go Safe ran a campaign to enforce speeds limits outside schools in Wales - these campaigns are a regular event for GoSafe, who want to convey the importance of 20mph zones while ultimately influencing the behaviour of motorists.

As a Welshman himself, Nicky understands the importance of reducing the speed on the streets of Wales, no matter how fast modern life gets. He said: “it is absolutely essential that we don’t take risks on the open public road. I’ve lived life on the edge during my motorsport career, but nothing scares me more than motorists who speed and don’t pay enough attention behind the steering wheel.”

The ‘20mph Rule Outside Schools’ campaign aims to wipe out speeding to create a safer environment for the children of Wales, as speed is often an aggravating factor in the frequency and severity of collisions.

Nicky continued: “It’s essential that we all slow down and adhere to speed limits, especially around schools – and that’s why I’m delighted to support the "20mph Rule Outside Schools" campaign. It’s a very worthy, and potentially life-saving, cause that we should all champion.”

After living his entire life in the fast lane, Nicky understands the seriousness of speeding, and hopes the ‘20mph Rule Outside Schools’ campaign will be a success in slowing drivers down...