Petter Solberg completed both his professional FIA World Rally Championship career and his Farewell Tour with a stunning WRC 2 victory on Wales Rally GB.

Together with co-driver Phil Mills, the 2003 World Rally Champion also finished a magnificent 10th overall in a privately-entered Volkswagen Polo GTI R5.

As he hangs up his Stilo helmet and turns his attention to helping his teenage son Oliver Solberg progress his motorsports career, this is what Petter had to say at his final WRC press conference.

Petter, how was that? A win to end your Farewell Tour…
“It was really good fun! Thursday night was quite exciting, but it looked really good. But the enjoyment for me and Phil [Mills] and the whole team was amazing. We were having different thoughts on how we would drive and enjoy it – that was different compared to the early days. It was a fantastic rally with a lot of people on the road. Phil was telling me the pace-notes perfect, he has the sexy voice – at your level Becs. But to get it into my head and actually do it, it takes a little bit of time, I must say. You have to drive more often to be able to attack straight away.”

We heard you talking about struggling for confidence a little bit. Really?
“That was not any bullshit! It was true. I had to raise my level to just keep it enough and stay safe. It worked out well, it was very close at times with [Pierre-Louis] Loubet and [Tom] Cave. I was really good fun. I thought we had good control over them, just... that’s enough.”

Any hot moments?
“Not a single one!”

The perfect farewell event?
“The whole year has been perfect. Goodwood, the Norwegian hill climb, all the things I’ve won. My first rally was here in 2002 and winning this weekend in FIA WRC 2 is also a great ending of a good story – one that finished much better than I expected. I can do whatever I want now, I can play and have fun and do some different things. I have some dreams.”

Petter Solberg wear Stilo WRC DES Zero 8860 helmet.

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