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What Helmet Does Ken Block Use?


What Helmet Does Ken Block Use?

Ken Block

What Helmet does Hoonigan Racing's Ken Block use? 

When you're driving a 1400bhp, twin turbo, 6.7-litre, Roush Yates V8 powered, 4x4, Ford Mustang that runs on ethanol, you're probably going to need some of the best protective gear you can get. And if you look closely through all that tyre smoke, you'll notice Ken wearing a Stilo ST5 helmet, naturally. 

Ken's not atually sponsored by Stilo but still chooses to use the products from the Italian brand. During a rally he'll wear the WRC DES Carbon like most other crews - in North America drivers need to adhere to the Snell SA2015 homologation rather than FIA standards we see in Europe, so unfortunately they don't have the luxury of using Stilo's top of the range 8860 Zero helmets. 

During this somewhat smoky run up Pikes Peak, Ken's wearing a Stilo ST5 F with Mirror Medium Smoked Visor (purchaced from us here at NG!). Although by the end of the run we're pretty sure it was pretty heavily 'smoked'! 

All Stilo ST5 full face visors fit all ST5 helmets, so whether you're using a CMR for karting, drifting up Pikes Peak or are Finnish & called Valteri Bottas, the same 3mm FIA visor is available for your helmet. 

Anyway, enough talk... here's Ken in action: