Stilo Rally Intercoms

A rally intercom is a connection between a driver and a co-driver. Until very recently, rally crews only had the option of wired intercoms where their helmets connected with a wire inside the car that through the intercom itself allowed a reliable two-way audio connection. However, there are now wireless Bluetooth intercoms available which means rally crews are no longer tethered inside the car.

Intercoms, especially the higher-end models help reduce noise cancellation and have volume controls to adjust the output inside the car. Intercoms can be powered off a battery or from the car’s internal electrics. 

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Stilo are market leaders in the intercom world. Their electronics are trusted by the world's best drivers in the WRC and national and regional rally championships. The choice of a professional rally crew is either the tried and tested Stilo DG-10 or the newer DG WL10 wireless, Bluetooth rally intercom. The go-to for consumers is the Stilo WRC 10 or the WRC DES 9v with its battery power option.

All Stilo intercoms are compatible with Stilo Road headsets and Rally helmets. Stilo systems are compatible with Peltor and other helmets. However, an adapter cable is often needed.

Can I fit an intercom into my helmet?

Most Stilo rally helmets allow electronics to be retrofitted into them to suit the intercom you are intending to use.

What accessories can I get for my rally helmet?

Stilo rally helmets have a wide range of accessories available, including visors, screw kits, intercom upgrades, and HANS posts.