Rallying is a form of motorsport that requires a specific set of equipment. Most drivers and co drivers wear open-face rally helmets (although full-face helmets are available), as well as HANS or FHR devices, and overalls and use dedicated intercoms that reduce noise from the car and gravel when in a forest.

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Rallying is a type of motorsport that is undertaken by highly modified road cars on closed asphalt, gravel or snow stages. A stage rally consists of multiple timed stages joined together with a transition, while a road rally uses less modified cars and runs on open roads, usually at night. Targa rallies are a hybrid of the two and use road rally style cars but are usually run on an off-road, gravel stage. 

Notable rally drivers include (the original Stig) Stig Blomqvist, Sebastien Ogier and Sebastien Loeb as well as Juha Kankkunen and Colin McRae who have both been co-driven by Nicky Grist during his rally career.

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How can I start rallying?

In order to start rallying, you will need to obtain a Competition Licence from Motorsport UK by undertaking a BARS rally driving test. Then, you'll need a rally car, and all of the approved helmet, HANS device, and racing suit to keep you, the driver, safe.

What equipment is needed for rallying?

To compete in a rally stage, you will need an FIA approved rally helmet with an intercom, a frontal head restraint, a fireproof racing suit, gloves and boots.

Can you use motorcycle helmets for rallying?

No, you must use a helmet that is designed for car racing and has been approved for motorsport by the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile). Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the wearer from a totally different type of accident from a car racing helmet and therefore the testing is to a different standard, by a different regulating body.

What helmet does the Stig wear?

1984 WRC champion Stig Blomqvist usually wears a Stilo WRC helmet like all rally champions since.