HANS Devices

HANS (Head and Neck Support) Devices are an essential piece of safety equipment for drivers in all forms of motorsport. A HANS device is a legal requirement in all national race and rally events in the UK, and in all international events.

A HANS Device works by attaching to a driver's helmet and limiting the amount of head and neck movement during a crash, reducing the risk of serious neck injury.

HANS Devices come in different widths to suit the neck size of an individual, and also in two different angles. The angle is important to match the seating position in a car, rally cars as well as saloon cars in racing require a 20-degree version, and the much more laid-back seating position of a formula car requires a 30-degree angle. 

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19 Items

What is a HANS device? 

A HANS Device (HANS being short for Head And Neck Support) is a shoulder-mounted safety device worn by drivers in motorsports such as Formula One, WRC, and the British Touring Car Championship to prevent head and neck injuries in the event of a crash. 

The device attaches to the driver's helmet and is worn under the racing harness, creating a tether that limits the movement of the driver's head and neck in the event of an accident and sudden forward motion.

HANS is a brand name owned by Simpson Motorsport,  one of the most popular and well-known manufacturers of these devices.

About HANS Devices

In terms of safety, all HANS Devices (also known as a Frontal Head Restraint / FHR) have been proven effective in reducing the impact of head and neck injuries in motorsports and are regulated by FIA standards. 

Designed with a focus on comfort and safety, HANS Devices are made from lightweight, high-strength materials and are designed to fit securely over a driver's shoulders and under their race harness. The device's tethers attach to the helmet, and during an impact will alleviate the symptoms of whiplash. 

HANS Devices are mandatory for all professional motorsports, including BTCC, WRC, and Formula One. However, they are now mandatory for amateur and weekend competitors as well.

When choosing a HANS Device, it's important to select one that fits for body and is comfortable to wear. You should also ensure that the device meets the specific requirements of the motorsport series you're competing in and is certified by the governing body. 

What is a HANS Device?

HANS (Head and Neck Support) device is a safety device worn in auto racing to protect drivers from neck and head injuries in the event of a crash. It works by limiting the amount of head and neck movement during an impact, reducing the chance of injury.

Is a HANS Device required for Motorsport?

Yes. A HANS Device is required for all forms of regulated motorsport.