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We understand that motorsport is complicated, so we are putting together a resource to help you, the driver or co-driver achieve your race, rally or general driving goals.  

This is the place to view our handy guides relating to the products we sell, helping you find the answers you need. 

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Range Guides

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Stilo ST5 Helmet Range
Nicky Grist Motorsports is the UK's premier Stilo dealer. Contact them for expert and friendly help on Stilo ST5 and all Stilo products.
Motorsport Helmet Homologation Guide
Call Nicky Grist Motorsports for expert help with the latest information regarding motorsport helmet homologations and safety standards. 01981 241040
Custom Motorsport Racesuits
Nicky Grist Motorsports - FIA Approved custom racewear from P1 and Alpinestars. Call us for professional and friendly help and advice in the design of your custom racesuit.
Stilo Rally Helmets - Trophy, WRC & ST5 R
Stilo are the World’s number one rally helmet manufacturer with the much greater majority of drivers wearing a WRC or the ST5 R model. However, if you look at the World Rally Championship field, nearly every professional driver can be seen wearing Stilo.
Frontal Head Restraint (FHR / HANS) Device Guide
Call Nicky Grist Motorsports for their expert and friendly advice on the purchase of your motorsport frontal head restraint. Good stocks carried in all sizes as well as all the relevant accessories.
Lazer Lamps Product And Buying Guide
If you are looking for Lazer Lamps contact Nicky Grist Motorsports. Big stockist of Lazer lamps and accessories for your vehicle. Expert and friendly help to guide you through your purchase.
Stilo Rally Intercoms - Information and Buying Guide
Stilo Rally Intercoms are a market leader when it comes to the best electronics for noise cancelling, in what is the most hostile environment  - a rally car.
Stilo Helmets - Visor and Visor Accessory Guide
In Motorsport, all competitors driving open top cars, whether that’s entry-level karting, through the ranks of formula racing up to F1, are required to wear a full face helmet with a visor. However, visors are also used in rally and saloon/GT cars by drivers, these available in different configura...