RaceSense Tyre Gauge with Temp Probe

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Professional gauge specifically designed for trackside and pitlane motorsport

Extremely accurate to +/-0.1 psi* (also shows bar)

Handheld aluminium case and water resistant

Belt clip for easy storage and always to hand

Pressure Gauge with fast Multi-Tyre modes

Sync to iPhone, Android or computer for auto data logging

Send data quickly and easily to engineer

Supplied with fast response thermocouple for temperature sensing

Also data store of three temperatures per tyre


The Fastmate Racing - RaceSense Tyre Gauge is a professional unit that is designed for use for the high demands of motorsport.

Fastmate Racing has produced the most functional tyre gauge for motorsport that you can buy, with perfect functionality that not only benefits drivers with fast lap times on the ultimate pressure but also for pit crew and engineers with complete data logging of information for future reference.

The unit is designed for fast and accurate data logging with a clever automatic tyre mode which records initial pressures (max) and adjusted pressures, and also records ambient temperature via the Racesense app for iPhone or Android. Plug in the fast response type K thermocouple tyre probe for tyre temp readings (inner, centre & outer readings per tyre), which are also recorded for the complete data file that can be sent straight to your engineer/team easily by SMS, WhatsApp or email.

The RaceSense has a multi-tyre mode which is a real game changer for quick pit stops. There is no need to remember or write down pressures, this gauge records pressures on all tyres without pressing any buttons, programme a starting tyre and the direction around the car to have consistent data logging. The unit can be preset to an anticlockwise or clockwise direction around the car. The unit can also be programmed for a 2 or 4-tyre mode recording mode, so motorcycle use is also possible


How best to use:

Just fit the chuck on the first tyre valve, adjust the pressure until correct, move on to the next tyre in the direction around the car set by you, then adjust the pressure and onto the next tyre. After all the tyres have been measured the data will be saved automatically with the time of the pressure reset with the date and ambient temperature also recorded and can then be exported. Initial and adjusted pressures are all recorded. If a thermocouple is used then three tyre temperatures per tyre are also saved automatically. Our iOS and Android smartphone apps can also add location, weather and wind conditions to each recording.


RaceSense have developed a fast response, adjustable accurate temperature probe (pyrometer) to go with the Pocket tyre gauge.

  • After insertion, it typically takes 2 seconds for the probe to reach 90% of the final temperature, 3 seconds for 95% and 4 seconds + for the temperature response to level out for the absolute definitive reading. The gauge even shows Up or Down arrows if the temperature is changing, these will disappear when the reading is totally stable.
  • Adjustable probe depth: The probe has a screw adjuster and locking nut so that the tyre can be probed at a consistent depth, for the best results a depth of between 3 and 5mm is recommended. The probe can be adjusted up to 15mm which will, of course, puncture most tyres, so to avoid this issue the needle must be preset to offer the best temperature readings and should be inserted into the tyre blocks only and not between the tyre tread (grooves/voids) or the sidewalls. Care must be taken when measuring temperatures with very worn tyres.
  • Avoiding external heat sources: Temperature accuracy will be affected if for example the gauge or probe has been preheated or cooled. So, do not leave the gauge and probe near sources of heat or where large thermal gradients may be expected e.g. in direct sunlight, on top of the engine, near heaters or fans etc.


  • The Racesense has a built-in phone link, you simply have to tap your phone and view the data in the app, no pairing is needed and the upload takes less than a second. The recorded data is displayed on your App as follows:

Pre-set pressure and adjusted pressure 

  • Temperatures from inner, middle and outer section of each tyre, with track and ambient temperature
  • Auto-senses GPS location when downloading
  • Auto-senses weather conditions, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction
  • Add notes, edit location, add vehicle and tyre set number
  • Analyse and compare hot and cold runs
  • Share individual or all records by SMS/WhatsApp/email

An NFC-enabled phone is required for the best operation: This is an Phone 7 and above, or Android 5.5+ with NFC.

  • The Racesence App is downloadable from the App store and Google Play. If no phone is available then no worries, RaceSense Pocket plugs into a computer too so you can download a CSV file of your data and email it if required and store it for future reference. No hardware drivers are needed for this so no installation is required beforehand. 


Want to keep your tyre pressures secret? Use the OFFSET MODE to input your desired pressures beforehand. RaceSense Pocket will show the offset from these values rather than actual pressures on the screen. Just adjust the pressure until you reach zero on the display for the correct measurement, and no one will know what pressure you are running!


  • Technical specification:
  • CNC machined powder-coated aluminium case
  • Integral rubber cover
  • The bleed valve lets you precisely adjust your pressures
  • Polycarbonate screen and has a sunlight-readable OLED display
  • Buttons are rubber sealed
  • Water-resistant

USB connection for recharging and upgrading and data download

Battery life - up to 3 months in-standby or 24 hours of continuous use.


What's in the box:

RaceSense Tyre Gauge

Temperature Tyre Probe

USB connection cable

Operation Manual

Sturdy carrying case 



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