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Stilo ST5 FN 8860 ABP - Carbon Racing Helmet

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  • The Latest FIA8860-18ABP standard - as used in F1 and F2
  • Stilo ST5 FN 8860 ABP racing helmet for formula cars
  • Smallest shell size, features better aerodynamics and comes with additional spoilers
  • Best comfort with multiple adjustments for a bespoke fit (in-store only)
  • Does not require a Zylon strip to meet 8860 standards
  • Not compatible with standard ST5 Visors
  • Part Number: AA0710AG1S

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The Stilo ST5 FN 8860 ABP is what we place as our entry-level FIA-8860 2018 racing helmet and is designed mainly for racing in an open-top formula race car. While it shares its safety rating with the lighter Stilo Zero models, the 8860 is constructed with a more cost-effective type of carbon fibre allowing a much more cost-effective cost to take advantage of world class safety standard as used in Formula 1.  

The ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection) element of this racing helmet negates the need for a Zylon strip and is a requirement for the majority of top formula championships thus allowing much more protection to the forehead area from flying debris, but it also raises the standard for impact testing. ABP is a military spec test where a projectile is shot at 250 km/h and the helmet has to repel it. So in short, if you're looking for the strongest, lightest, and arguably most stylish motorsport helmet, you've landed at the right place.

The ABP Racing helmets from Stilo also require a different visor to our standard models. The tear off ready 3mm visor is shorter than the standard models and requires a shallower version so you must order the relevant ABP visor options.

Stilo has managed to retain the ST5's class-leading small shell, meaning you won't take up more space in the car than you need to and it's also among the lightest on the market in class. The much lighter option in the Zero model allows a greater weight saving and is our signature model as used by our driver in the Formula 1 and Formula 2 championships.

As mentioned earlier, ABP is a requirement for world-class formula racing. So F1, F2 and Formula E and W-Series require this rating. However, as with all standards, we can see this trickling down to become commonplace for most single-seater series in the future. 

Many drivers will appreciate the beauty of such a well-crafted item with its low weight meaning less lateral G's in a corner or the unfortunate event of a crash, while others will rest assured by the strength of the shell, but opting for a Stilo ST5 Zero helmet will give the look and the performance that world-class drivers expect and demand. 

While other manufacturers have only managed to pass the 8860-2018 and ABP testing in limited sizes, Stilo Racing Helmets have passed the test in all shell sizes and can offer a helmet from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large.

Small shell - 1510g
Large shell - 1680g

Small Shell - 54cm, 55cm, 57cm, 59cm
Large Shell - 60cm, 61cm, 63cm, 64cm

Helmet Standard - FIA 8860-18ABP

Full Stilo ST5 Helmet Range Guide

Helmet Fit

Stilo Helmet Sizes

Stilo Helmets are available with two shell sizes: small and large. These shells cover everything from 55 (S) to 63 (XXL), but as a special order, a 54 (XS) and a 64 (XXXL) are available with exceptions in the ST5 CMR (only available in small shell) and the Carbon Piuma/8860/Zero WRC DES (available from 54-61). As a result, no matter what size or shape your head is, a Stilo helmet should be able to accommodate you with the help of our completly free custom fitting service.

We take helmet fitting very seriously, and if at all possible we'd recommend you come and visit us either in our showroom (HR30EL) or at an event, but we appreciate that's not always possible.

The key thing to remember is not to simply take the circumference measurement and buy a helmet based on that size. We need to look at the width and length of the head also, as that can dramatically affect the helmet size you need.

Stilo Helmet Size Guide

54 55 57 59 61 63 64
Small Shell Large Shell

ST5 CMR is only available in a SMALL shell only. Carbon (Piuma/8860/Zero) WRC DES helmets are only available in sizes 54-61.

How To Measure Your Head

At Nicky Grist Motorsports we understand the importance of a well fitting helmet. Get it right and you are on a fast track to optimum performance, but get it wrong and you’ll suffer distractions and discomfort that can put your safety at risk.

Ideally, we’d like to see you face to face and give you the full benefit of our free fitting service where we can fine-tune the fit for you, but if that’s not an option we can do our best to fit you, as long as you can provide us with the following measurements:

1. Circumference

Measure around your head with a tape measure. This must be above the ear and while you are wearing a hood (if you use one).

2. Length

Using callipers or similar device, measure the front to back of your head. This needs to be the furthest away points.

3. Width

Again use a tool of fabricated device to measure the width of your head at the widest points.


These are quite a specific tool and we appreciate that not everyone will have a set lying around. If you are stuck, you might be able to fabricate something, but please get in touch and we can advise you further.

If you need any more help and advice, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Expert Advice:

01981 241040

[email protected]



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